Virtual Tour 360 Degree Photography, Architectural HDR Photography, Bali, Indonesia.

Virtual Tour and Panoramic 360° VR Photography is a revolutionary way of showing your business and architecture. Your customers are able to visit you for an interactive walkthrough 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. An interactive virtual tour can be integrated on your website or as stand-alone presentation on media like CD or Flash drive. Panoramic 360° VR photography is the imaging solution of the future. The future starts now!

Virtual Visit Bali is based on Bali and provides high quality panoramic 360 degree photography, virtual tours and architectural photography of interior and exterior and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography in whole Indonesia. With our virtual reality and Interactive Media, your business or property will get the best visual exposure on your website (online) and in stand-alone presentation (off-line).

VirtualVisitBali also provides traditional “flat” Architectural Photography of interior and exterior, in the best quality and resolution. The photos we produce of your property or architecture will be noise free and the photo’s show vivid colors through high dynamic range hdr imaging and extensive editing. We use multiple exposures (exposure bracketing) to capture all the details of the scene, both in highlights and shadow areas.

For detailed information about our available photography solutions, please have a look at our Photography Services page. Several examples of our virtual tours can be found on the  Virtual Tour Examples page. For examples of our Architectural Photography and Exterior / Interior Photography, please have a look here.

What Is A 360°x180° Panorama

A 360×180 Degree Panorama, also called Virtual View or Spherical Panorama, is created by joining several photographs together to form a seamless virtual sphere. Viewing a 360 degree panorama provides an Immersive Interactive Experience. It makes you feel as if you are at the center of the scene displayed. A Spherical Panorama is a lot more powerful than traditional photographs and is one of the best ways to visualize a location and present your property.

Click the play button on above preview image to start the sample panorama. Press and hold left mouse button while moving your mouse to look 360 degree around and 180 degree up/down.

A Panorama or interactive virtual tour integrated on your website can be viewed on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Both our panoramas and virtual tours are encoded in both Flash and HTML5.

What Is A Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour is created by connecting several (2 or more) 360 degree panoramas together into a interactive virtual environment. It is possible to move to other locations by clicking hotspots inside the panorama. This way, an interactive walkthrough is created.

Click the play button on above preview image to start the sample virtual tour. Look around like in the above panoramic view and press the arrow in the panorama to view the next scene.

To enlarge understanding and navigation of this interactive environment, floor plans with radar and detail photos can be integrated in the tour as well. It is also possible to add audio (music or narration) into virtual tours to enlarge the experience or provide explanation about the viewed location.

Why Consider A Virtual Tour

Most visualisation of a place, location or business is achieved through photography. A panorama or virtual tour is the best possible visual solution to present a location beside actually being on location. Read more about the improvement that a interactive walkthrough can have for visualisation of your business on the Virtual Tour Benefits page.

Where Is A Virtual Tour Useful

There are several examples where an Interactive Virtual Tour can be a very valuable tool for marketing, visualization and presentation both offline and online:

  • Architecture / Interior and Exterior
  • Home / Villa
  • Real Estate
  • Hotel / Resort
  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Shopping Mall / Outlet
  • School / University
  • Boat / Live-aboard
  • Museum / Exhibition
  • Events / Activities

Interior Photograph of the Lobby at Griya Santrian Hotel

Interior HDR photograph of the lobby and front desk at Hotel Griya Santrian, Sanur, Bali